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A is for Apple

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Oh, September, I am so ready for you! Besides being my birthday month, September is one of my favorites times of year because it marks back to school, the beginning of fall, and cooler mornings and evenings (here in Texas we have to wait until November for significantly cooler weather, but hey, I will take what I can get). By the end of summer I am ready for the structure and routine the school year brings. This is our second year homeschooling and I feel like we have hit a better stride so far. Last year we jumped into homeschooling last minute, and honestly, we did the bear minimum. This year I have a better idea of what works and what doesn't. We added some curriculums and subjects, and so far so good!

I've also been working hard on my Wander+Grow printable letter packs. I'm starting with A and working my way through Z. Letter A is definitely the perfect letter to explore for September! There are SO many fun ways to tie in apples to this letter pack. The Letter A pack (it's FREE) focuses on letter recognition, letter formation, and letter sounds. It comes with 10 worksheets and a six page high frequency word book. It also includes 15 letter A picture cards to use for displays, sorting, spelling, or anything you can think of. A play-doh mat, uppercase/lowecase sorting game, and 4 puzzles and also included.

After spending the last several years teaching preschool and kindergarten age children I am a firm believer in play being the most important way for kids to learn. Children this age are little sponges and soak up so much knowledge. Integrating play with more structured learning opportunities provides so many opportunites for growth and development. I am intentional in leaving many activites open-ended so you can put your own spin on it and use supplies you have around the house. Being creative with paints and play-doh and small manipulatives like acorns, seeds, or mini erasers is fun and it strengthens those tiny hand muscles and fine motor skills. Of course, if you need any ideas, I'm here for that too! You can check out my ideas for play-doh mats and apple stamps. Most importanly, get creative and have fun!

Download your FREE Letter A Activity Set here!

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