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B is for Bumblebee

Choosing artwork for these projects is my favorite part, and I knew when I saw these adorable little bees that I had to use them. My goal this summer was to create a butterfly garden in the backyard, and I have enjoyed seeing all of the butterflies and bees that the flowers have brought to the yard. Our newest visitor, a hummingbird, has been such a sweet addition too! We planted milkweed, and have been able to observe the whole butterfly life cycle right in our own backyard. It has been such a fun experience to share with the kids. Who knew a few flowers could bring so much joy?

My own backyard was the inspiration for the Letter B set. This set includes so many hands on activites for little learners and provides opportunites to add your own touches and ideas too. For example, on the letter maze a child could color in the letter B circles with a crayon or markers, dab it with a Do-A-Dot marker, use mini earsers, or anything else you can think of. All of these options increase fine motor skills.

Q-tips are the perfect size for the Dot the Letter pages. This activity reinforces letter formation. You could use the opportunity to model a letter by dotting it in the same direction you would write it, or just let them do it on their own to encourage exploration and creativity.

I like to use the letter B to embrace all things blue. It's my favorite color, so why not! Fill the blank letter B with blue construction paper squares, blue paint, blue stickers, blue crayons, or whatever else you can dream up!

This letter B set also comes with handwriting practice, 4 letter B puzzles, and a graphing page. Work on those counting skills by couting the pictures and coloring the squares on the graph. You can also make it reusable for multiple students by laminating it and using mini erasers to fill the squares!

The letter B picture cards feature 15 full color watercolor illustrations. There are sorting cards included to see just how many ways you can sort the pictures. These are also perfect for displaying or adding to a word wall in a writing center. Older students can practice spelling the words or writing the words in a sentence. Or, turn them upside down, pick 3, and see what silly story your little one can come up with! Click here to see the Letter B Learning My Letters Pack.

Happy Learning!

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